Industry Focus

Online Applications for every stage of your Growth.
Many businesses have already moved from on-premises products to cloud or running in parallel using our cloud platform for their business growth.

For Small and Mid-Size Businesses
From mid-size to enterprise, businesses of every size are slashing their total cost of ownership, improving their finance team's productivity and integrating their sales and finance processes. And they can now securely access their business applications from anywhere.

For Enterprises

  • Twice as fast: Cloud ERP can be deployed twice as fast as an in-house system, speeding your growth, and is easier to use and customize for your subsidiaries.
  • Half the cost: Studies estimate total cost of ownership (TCO) for cloud ERP at 50% of on-premise applications.
  • Double the visibility: Built-in dashboards and anytime, anywhere access increase your oversight of subsidiaries, providing for in-country control with global consolidated visibility.

For SAP and Oracle Users
A two-tier ERP model lets you preserve your on-premise ERP investments in SAP, Oracle or other systems, while equipping global subsidiaries with a more agile, flexible cloud-based ERP system and giving headquarters the visibility it needs, at a price it can afford.

Vertical Industry Solutions
SmartLattice Platform uniquely adapts to manage many types of business data and processes,and as a result continues to be well suited for software solutions to address the needs of a range of industries and verticals.

Below are a few examples.

Healthcare and Science
Manufacturing and Production
Service and Distribution
Infrastructure and Construction
Education and Campus
Time and Billing
Point of Sales
eOffice - Document Management