Smart Lattice
Smart Lattice
Web enabling of our mission critical ERP application requires tenacious and meticulous to the details understanding of existing system, SmartLattice did commendable job in migrating. We could able to connect different branches and units to head office and streamline complete sales to ARS process.
L Nagesh Kumar, GM Technical, Andhra Sugars.
Struggling to automate and customize our R&D driven assembly process using Standard ERP,which turned out to be easier said than done. SmartLattice automated complete business process(sales, material management, project planning, production, distribution) with affability and helped us to achieve increased productivity and efficient projects execution.
Swaroop, Director, SSenWare
Maintaining standalone applications in each of the 125 branches and connecting to main office to sync data because of low bandwidth issues. Its amazing transformation using SmartLattice, which really works even under low bandwidth also.
With Proven Enterprise-class competency, Our Online Database Applications proffers range of features to delivers clear and innovative solutions to convoluted business requirements.
  • Powerful and Easy System administration.
  • Build-in Reporting tool to provide complex reports and charts.
  • Schedule tasks, assignments through simple business rules.
  • Minimum Vendor Lock-In
  • Supports 3 major databases(MySql,MS SQL Server, Oracle)
  • Language support
  • Set your own pricing 
  • Single or Multi Tenant SaaS
  • Branding and IP

Feature Highlights

Make your data central

With Planning module, Information can be consolidated and monitored, resulting in better productivity and higher savings.

Automate Workflow

Web forms that move information to different roles, streamline approval process,and which ensure better operational efficiency across organization.

Paperless Office

Built-in Documents management system ensures real-time progress without spending hours on tracking and reporting manually.

Best of its class Support
Expert Help

Our Experts provides personal support to help your succeed.

  • Email support responses within a day
  • Remote desktop support
  • Optional paid phone support
Self-Service Resources

Quick answers to questions using our in-depth resources.

  • Complete software documentation
  • Forum access to user community (soon...)
  • Online videos
Need more help?

Let us help build your database applications for you.

  • Professional consultation on custom applications.
  • Complete data migration services.
  • UI customization and web portal design.

SmartLattice’s Online Database is offered on a robust platform specially designed for Software-as-a-service offerings. Since 2004, hundreds of users used our capabilities to solve their intrinsic problems and streamline business processes or even offering their software solutions.