SmartLattice is a platform for quick building custom business applications and to integrate with websites.

  • Quick and Affordable:
    5 times faster, 50% less expensive, with SmartLattice it takes less time and money to bring your business apps from idea to reality.

  • Point & Click:
    Code free development platform. You only need to write code for very advanced customizations.

  • Hosted or Installed:
    Build and host custom business applications on our servers (Hosted Cloud) or yours (Private Cloud).

Design. Develop. Deploy. From Idea to Application in Record Time. :
In a matter of hours you can learn to design and develop full-featured web-based business applications that can be quickly deployed to your team or rolled out to your clients. Applications in SmartLattice are built entirely within your browser by creating, combining and configuring components to work together, forming a collaborative application designed for your specific business needs.

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