Web enabling of our mission critical ERP application requires tenacious and meticulous to the details understanding of existing system, SmartLattice did commendable job in migrating. We could able to connect different branches and units to head office and streamline complete sales to ARS process.
L Nagesh Kumar, GM Technical, Andhra Sugars.
Struggling to automate and customize our R&D driven assembly process using Standard ERP,which turned out to be easier said than done. SmartLattice automated complete business process(sales, material management, project planning, production, distribution) with affability and helped us to achieve increased productivity and efficient projects execution.
Swaroop, Director, SSenWare
Maintaining standalone applications in each of the 125 branches and connecting to main office to sync data because of low bandwidth issues. Its amazing transformation using SmartLattice, which really works even under low bandwidth also.
SmartLattice custom builds online ERP that fits exact requirements and to smooth-en complex processes. More than ERP,SmartLattice creates efficient working environment, while you can localize on business ascendancy. Companies can increase customer satisfaction, plan and schedule orders, improve forecasting speed and accuracy, automate error-prone manual steps, deliver orders on time, reduce inventory levels, and minimize shortages.
  • Document management System with Version Control
  • Scalable Workflow, Approval and Notifications Process with Audit Trail.
  • Centralized Project Planning.
  • Mobile Access on iPhoes, iPad, and Android devices (coming in Dec, 2011).
  • Role-based, Branch wise security and access
  • Generate advanced reports ,charts with simple clicks
  • Ability to monitor and track inventory real-time to improve efficiency and transparency.
  • Rapid and accurate daily workflows synchronize of different operating units to streamline production.
  • Workforce performance and managerial efficiency results in improved productivity.

Feature Highlights

Centralized Project Planning

Centralized Project Planning

Top management team can now monitor and manage complete project progress starting from design, planning, inventory, production and dispatch.
Mobile Access Made Easy

Mobile Access Made Easy

Instant mobile access to your projects and manage complete process real-time from any iPhone,iPad or Andriod device.
Highly Efficient and Performance under low bandwidth

Highly Efficient and Performance under low bandwidth

Complete AJAX driven Platform means direct benefit to customer in terms of Application working seamlessly under low bandwidth conditions also.

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