Why SmartLattice?
  • Web Based

    SmartLattice Platform is web based enterprise software.

  • User Friendly

    Standard Intefaces and Excel Grids provided by SmartLattice Platform helps users with basic computer knowledge.

  • Customization ready

    If the basic version of solutions does not exactly match your requirements you can customize it because its code free.

  • Code Free

    SmartLattice Platform is code free. This means any users with basic computer knowledge can add customization.This also means,Applications and Solutions are only designed not developed.

  • Language support

    Labeling feature helps in creating multi-language and also used for managing multi-tenants.

  • SmartLattice Platform

  • Your data, your server

    Host SmartLattice based application on your own server in your own premises. You do not have to use our hosted services.

  • Addictive features

    Advanced AJAX provides Rich Features,which makes all users to love to use solution for their daily activities.

  • Flexible search

    Any search criteria can be added depending on usage through designer.

  • Plugin friendly

    SmartLattice Platform is plugin friendly and allows you to activate or deactivate various plugins to suit your needs. You can also develop your own plugins if you want.

  • 24/7 support

    Team SmartLattice is there to offer support 24/7 to help with any problem you encounter or answer any questions you may have about SmartLattice.

  • Affordable pricing

    SmartLattice offers the lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of any ERP software.Organizations of any size can easily afford the solutions and services.

  • SmartLattice Platform expertise

    Our SmartLattice Analysts are professionals. They are here to help you with customizing and fine tuning Solutions if you wish.

  • Multi Branch/Location Solution

    Platform provides Multi branch based feature to scale business.

  • Wide range of services

    With SmartLattice Platform support, We offers you a variety of other services like installation,live update customization, support, hosting, integration, training services and implementation.

  • Use in any organization or institutions

    Any kind of institutions - Colleges,Hospitals,Manufacturing,Service,Govt and Public sector,Construction and Custom applications.

  • Integrated with Other Solutions

    SmartLattice can be integrated with other solutions also.

  • Built-in Document Management

    SmartLattice’s provides Document Management feature, offerings built-in advantage for all your organization needs.

  • Third party plugins

    Get the support of other developers for SmartLattice plugin building. Almost anything is possible in SmartLattice with third party plugins.

  • Enterprise Capabilities

    A high performance,enterprise, scalable Cloud SmartLattice Platform.

  • Built-in Workflow Automation

    Finanance Level and Role based Advanced Workflow Automation built-in to aid and streamline approvals process.

  • Graphical reports

    Get a graphical analysis of performance with the help of SmartLattice ERP Platform. Other graphical reports are also available for all types of modules.

  • Built-in Reports Engine

    Advanced ,Customizable and Built-in reporting process the way you want with the built-in reporting tool.

  • All users login

    All users have their own individual login access to Solutions, which allows them to view their dashboard from anywhere in the world.

  • Employee login

    Staff have separate login access to Solution. Use this feature to automate the systems and processes of your institution.

  • Powerful internal messaging system

    No need for external e-mailing/sms/messaging services for communication.

  • Built-in Role and User based Control privileges

    SmartLattice’s advanced user management functions allow you to assign different privileges to different users.

  • File attachments

    Attach files of all popular formats easily.

  • New applications every month

    New features and functionality in the form of new applications are frequently added to enhance SmartLattice.

  • Custom URL

    Set your own custom URL for the SmartLattice installation,

  • Advanced Project Management Module

    Hign-end Advanced and Built-in Project Management System to integrated into Platform to scale.

  • Partnership Program

    SmartLattice Provides partnership program of your choice.

  • Color themes

    SmartLattice has in-built color themes.

  • Built-in Archiving and Audit Trail

    Powerfull on-Demand Archiving and Audit Trail in integrated into SmartLattice Platform

  • SmartLattice as mobile app

    Get most of the popular features of SmartLattice on your mobile. It is available as mobile app using HTML5 technology.

  • Adaptable

    SmartLattice can easily adapt to your organization's system and process through the right configuration of branches.

  • Security

    All data is secured. Don't worry about any crucial information being stolen. SmartLattice protects your data.

  • SmartLattice, the one stop solution for efficient organization.

  • The best Enterprise Software ever

    With the ultimate integrated Finance and Human Resource module, SmartLattice can take care of all the processes and systems required to run your organisation.

  • SmartLattice- Alternative to SAP/Oracle

  • No unnecessary features

    All of SmartLattice’s features are useful and valuable with no spurious functionality.

  • No hidden fees

    Transparent pricing with SmartLattice.

  • Start using SmartLattice in just 10 minutes

  • Custom Data import tools available for easy migration from your existing software

  • Iconic user interface

    Users appreciate SmartLattice’s graceful and intuitive icon based navigation.

  • Secure password management

    Easy recovery of lost password or change your password anytime for complete security.

  • Cutting edge User experience

    SmartLattice’s User Interface and excellent User Experience is the result of extensive research and clever design.

  • Available both for download and on-demand

    You may choose to let SmartLattice’s server host your system or you can host it on YOUR SERVER, with YOUR URL

  • Integrated Timesheet Management

    Advanced Timesheet Management Module is integrated into SmartLattice Platform.

  • SmartLattice is the ultimate solution for managing branches in large organizations.

  • SmartLattice is perfect for e-Gov projects and provides significant cost savings.

  • Well planned roadmap

    SmartLattice already has over 10 End-to-End ERP Applications across different verticals and many more are in the pipeline. They are suitable for all organization globally.

  • Create Application from Excel in Minutes

    Use your data in Excel to create Application and Import data into it and start using it.

  • Supports all databases

    Built-in Supports for all 3 major databases(MySql,MS SQL Server, Oracle)

  • Zero Maintenance

    No Coding - SmartLattice Platform provides Zero Maintenance compared to Other Traditional Development Tools

  • Business friendly

  • Start earning with SmartLattice

    Are you a freelancer? You can earn extra income through SmartLattice and its related services.

  • Analyze the performance

    SmartLattice allows you to store information about the past history of user actions to let you analyze performance.

  • Send SMSes and automatic alerts to users on their mobile phones.

  • Platform as a Service

    SmartLattice Platform is PaaS Platform to provide Cloud based Enterprise capabilities..

  • Ready User Intefaces

    SmartLattice Platform provides Ready User Intefaces based on your Business Requirements

  • Zero Deployment Time

    Get your Application deployed as you get developed using our Live Update Process

  • Regular updates

    With SmartLattice's Live update,news module are updated automatically with out operations.

  • Ready Database Setup

    As you design your application,SmartLattice Platform readies your database and code to run application

  • Inbuilt internal messaging system

  • Easy attachments and styling

  • No Programming Language to Learn

    SmartLattice Platform can be managed by people with basic Computing Skills and no new Programming Language to Learn.

  • Legacy Applications Support

    Enterprise level legacy application can be simultaneous maintained and upgradation to SmartLattice based Application with out effecting operations and with in the budget constraints.

  • Exclusive Video Tutorials

    We have easy to learn video tutorials to teach you how to use SmartLattice efficiently

  • Enterprise Solutions for SAP and Oracle Customers

    A two-tier ERP model lets you preserve your on-premise ERP investments in SAP, Oracle or other systems, while equipping remote subsidiaries with a more agile, flexible cloud-based ERP system and giving headquarters the visibility it needs, at a price it can afford.

  • Applications for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

    From mid-size to enterprise, businesses of every size are slashing their total cost of ownership,improving their finance team's productivity and integrating their sales and finance processes.And they can now securely access their business applications from anywhere.

  • Vertical Industry Solutions

    SmartLattice Platform uniquely adapts to manage many types of business data and processes,and as a result continues to be well suited for software solutions to address the needs of arange of industries and verticals.

  • Online Applications

    Many businesses have already moved from on-premises products to cloud or running in parallel using our cloud platform for their business growth.

  • Low Bandwidth

    Works under Extreme Low Bandwidth conditions.AJAX Technology at a large level to minimizes Server accesses thus cutting down on Bandwidth costs and improving Server performance.

  • XML Driven

    Application is Thick Client GUI, completely AJAX and XML driven.

  • Any Database

    Storage Engine includes a database transformation layer that avoids lockin to database software and the developed applications can be simply configured to use any database with minimum hassle.

  • Live Update

    Live Update feature to upgrade application from remote server automatically or on demand.