SmartLattice Difference

Why SmartLattice?

“SmartLattice with its Code Free Enterprise Platform and Ready Vertical Solutions has Highest success rate with best customer compliments.”

How SmartLattice achieved?

With its “Code Free Development Platform”,Applications can be developed rapidly with basic technical knowledge and quick training.

Why SmartLattice Solutions are Successful?

Two Critical points that determines success.

#1 - Every business is unique in its own way and to match its processes requires extensive and expensive customization

#2 - Reluctance of users usage

Solution to Problem #1: The Need for continuous customization.

New administrators, new thinking and new requirements have always led to modifications with a continuous cycle of change.

"SmartLattice with its advanced Code Free Development Platform gives both customers and our teams to continuously evolve on the process and deliver best possible usages."

Built-in Advantages

Solution to Problem #2 : Limited Usage

Most Applications are difficult to learn and configure, many users are reluctant to use them.

SmartLattice is based on concept of Simple User Interfaces and So easy that anyone with a basic knowledge of computers should be able to use it within 10 minutes.

"Rich UI with Excel Grids and Filtered Views provides users Usage flexibility and Business with complete control on sharing data."

What makes SmartLattice different?

  • Code Free

  • Advanced Web Technologies

  • Affordable Customization

  • Application Directly from Excel

  • Amazing Support

  • Wide Range of Features

  • Flexible Pricing

  • Mobile Versions

  • Cloud Platform

  • Legacy Support

  • SAP Alternative

  • Multiple Language

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What They Say

"Dedication, Professionalism , Responsibility , Standing by , Assurance of excellent support all the time."

Dr Hesham

Dr Hesham Dabah,MD,Al Amaan

"SmartLattice understand how our business functions on a day-to-day basis and listened carefully to our needs."

Satya Prasad

Satya Prasad,MD
SmartLab Tech,Hyd,India

"SmartLattice providing great and prompt support."

Jagadesh Panda,GIET

Jagadish Panda,Technical Director
GIET,Gundpur, Orissa